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Whiskey and Coke! Yes, I confess  that my foray into the world of whisky began with the under whisky aficionados frowned upon mixed drink. That is now over two years ago already. Back then I did a pub tour with a pal of mine.  He ordered some Jameson and Coke for us but to be complete honest that was not really my cup of tea – or should I say: my cup of whisky? Anyway, afterwards we shifted  bars and he ordered some of his favorite whisky, a Canadian Club 12 Years Small Batch. I liked that one way better even I drank it on the rocks (but at least without Coke). In fact I can still remember its taste up to the present day. And that the story how I got started with uisge beatha – the “water of life”.

Firstly that interest was only sporadic. It took some more time before I put my first bottle of whisky into my cabinet. But as time passed I noticed how my fascination for whisky grew. All of the sudden I was not only interested in the smell and taste of different whiskies but I wanted to know everything about its history, manufacturing process, warehousing and everything else. From that point on it did not take a long time before my “collection” grew with me putting much more time (and money obviously) in my new found passion than I could ever imagine.

A few months ago I got the idea to start a blog. Besides my passion for whisky I am at least as passionate about writing so I thought to myself: Why should I not combine those two loves of mine? But let me make one point clear. I do not see myself as a self-proclaimed “whisky expert” nor am I the next “whisky pope”.  I am just another whisky enthusiast who want to share his experiences in the big wide whisky world with others.

More details about me and what this blog is all about can you find in the introduction post.

With that being said I hope you will enjoy my blog and join me on my journey.

On that note: slàinte mhath!


Christopher Hayn

[drafted in March 2015]


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  1. Hey,
    ich freue mich auf deine Notes. Natürlich speziell auf die Montage.

  2. Hi Chris,

    I hope you don’t mind taking the time to ponder this amateur question.

    I’m seeking a smooth scotch but would rather not pay $36 for lovely JWBL. The prices of Teacher’s Highland Cream and Grant’s Family Reserve are right but the reviews are mixed. Can you name a $20 to $25 scotch that passes your test or should I just go for the good stuff?

    Side note: I LOVE Macallan 12 but it runs about $55 here in Houston.

    Thank you very much,


    • Christopher Hayn // March 30, 2016 at 2:50 pm // Reply

      Hey Sam,

      I’m always happy to help. To be honest, I never had the Teacher’s Highland Cream or the Grant’s Family Reserve, but if you are looking for a smooth “entry level scotch” you could always go for something like Glenfiddich 12yo, Glenlivet 12yo or Glenmorangie 10yo, although I have no clue how much those cost in your area.

      As for the Macallan 12, here in Germany we pay about 90€ for the 40% (80 proof) version, so for me, $55 is pretty cheap, but I understand where you’re coming from.

      – Chris

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