McNeill’s Prototype Islay Malt Experiment #003 (McNeill’s Choice)

Dramcalendar Day 10

On the tenth day of the Dramcalendar, we have the McNeill’s Prototype Islay Malt Experiment #003 from McNeill’s Choice.

This young Islay Single Malt comes from an undisclosed distillery and was finished in a German Bordeaux cask. Although that sounds very interesting, I have no clue what “German Bordeaux” means. Maybe a German wine in style of a Bordeaux? Or maybe it simply refers to the style of the cask? Who knows.


McNeill's Prototype Islay Malt Experiment #003 (McNeill's Choice)

McNeill’s Prototype Islay Malt Experiment #003 (McNeill’s Choice)










Name: McNeill’s Prototype Islay Malt Experiment #003
Bottler: McNeill’s Choice
Bottled: 2015
Category: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Cask Type: German Bordeaux Finish
Strength: 57.7% Vol.
Colored: No
Chill Filtered: No


A big smoked ham. The smoking aroma is nicely balanced by sweet red berries, pears, roasted almonds and menthol. There is also a whiff of coffee in the background. The alcohol is noticeable, albeit only slightly.


Starts smooth and sweet with sugared lemon peels, rock sugar and sweet cherries, but then it gets spicier with black peppercorns. There is also some bitter nougat in the mix. A lot of peated ash is floating around, too.


Medium to long and sweetish. Warm ash, cherries and cherry oak.


Something different for sure! The wine finish is not too dominant and is a nice supplement to the peated ash. That being said, I think a few more years in the cask would have not hurt.

Score: 84 / 100


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