Dalmore 1990 (Cadenhead ‘Wood Range’)

Dramcalendar Day 21

On the twenty-first day of the Dramcalendar, we have the Dalmore 1990, bottled by Cadenhead as part of their ‘Wood Range’ bottling series.

Rum finishes can be pretty tricky, although I am a fan of them in general.


Dalmore 1990 (Cadenhead 'Wood Range')

Dalmore 1990 (Cadenhead ‘Wood Range’)








Name: Dalmore 1990
Bottler: Cadenhead
Bottling series: Wood Range
Vintage: 1990
Bottled: July 2015
Age: 24 Years Old
Category: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery: Dalmore
Cask Type: Rum Cask since February 2006
Number of bottles: 468
Strength: 54.9% Vol.
Colored: No
Chill Filtered: No


Rum galore! No kidding, everything you need for a Mojito: brown sugar, limes, mint leaves and (dark) rum of course. And now time for desert… orange ice cream with roasted almonds and white chocolate rasps on top. Then some hot chocolate with wiped cream (with a shot of rum obviously).


Thick, very thick with the creamy sweetness of vanilla. A ton of oranges. Also a bit spicy… licorice and sugared ginger. The brown sugared mint leaves are back again, accompanied by moccacino. Gets more chewy at the end.


Long. Dry and earthy. Oranges followed by dark fruits.


What a wonderful dram this is! Clicks (almost) all the right buttons for me. I didn’t expected that Dalmore and rum casks can work so well together, but they truly do.

Score: 90 / 100


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