Glenfarclas 1981 Port Pipe Edition

Tasty Tastings Episode 45

Glenfarclas is especially well-known for their heavily sherry influenced single malts. All the more I am excited to review two very special expressions from them today. Not only are they full matured in port pipes (which is a rarity in itself) but they are both also over 30 years old!


Glenfarclas 1981 Port Pipes

Glenfarclas 1981 Port Pipes Edition









Name: Glenfarclas 1981 Port Pipe Edition
Distilled: 16.01.1981
Bottled: July 2014
Bottled for: Germany
Age: 33 Years Old
Category: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery: Glenfarclas
Cask Type: Port Pipes
Cask No.: 134 & 135
No. of bottles: 620
Strength: 46.0% vol.
Colored: No
Chill Filtered: No


At first it is really hard to differentiate the aromas because they are so interwoven. This single malt needs its time in the glass. But the waiting is indeed rewarded with a stunning variety of multi-layered aromas. Herb and eucalyptus candies. Followed by dried fruits and raisin liqueur. Some subtle honey sweetness a little more in the back. Furthermore a bit of oak and finely chopped hazelnuts. The port wine is present but not overpowering.


Ripe red fruits. Hints of spicy oak, without any bitterness. Gets a bit sourish. Lemons and limes. A slight tingling on the tongue. Then more sweeter again with Limonchello.


Medium and very balanced. Traces of oak followed by a touch of menthol.


It doesn’t have always to be sherry! No doubt, Glenfarclas also knows how to make port matured whisky. A highly pleasant and harmonic single malt with the right amount of complexity. Extraordinarily good!

Score: 93 / 100


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