Glenfarclas 1980 Christmas Single Malt Port Pipe Edition

Tasty Tastings Episode 46

Glenfarclas is especially well-known for their heavily sherry influenced single malts. All the more I am excited to review two very special expressions from them today. Not only are they full matured in port pipes (which is a rarity in itself) but they are both also over 30 years old! Earlier today I already reviewed the Glenfarclas 1981 Port Pipe Edition, a truly wonderful port matured single malt.

But now it is time for the Glenfarclas 1980 Christmas Single Malt Port Pipe Edition. It was distilled on Christmas Eve in 1980 (hence the name) but it is not completely clear when it was bottled. The label says 17.12.2014 but that does not match with the code printed on the bottle (19.02.2015). So who knows when it was actually bottled, although that doesn’t really matter that much.


Glenfarclas 1980 Christmas Single Malt Port Pipe Edition

Glenfarclas 1980 Christmas Single Malt Port Pipe Edition










Name: Glenfarclas 1980 Port Pipe Edition
Distilled: 24.12.1980
Bottled: 17.12.2014
Bottled for: Germany
Age: 33 Years Old
Category: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery: Glenfarclas
Cask Type: Port Pipes
Cask No.: 11066 & 11072
No. of bottles: 700
Strength: 45.3% vol.
Colored: No
Chill Filtered: No


Needs its time in the glass because the aromas are so tight-knit at first. But with some time it becomes very fruity. Plums, ripe pears, oranges, red fruits and honeydew. Apples roasted over beech wood fireHoney wine. Hints of eucalyptus and herbals – maybe thyme? The port is present but not overpowering.


Full-bodied. Again very fruity with a sweet touch. Cherries. Plums. Nicely balanced by some spiciness. White pepper. Nutmeg. Cinnamon.


Rather long. Dried apple rings. Ginger. Herbs. Hints of smoke.


Another highly pleasant, this time more fruitier port matured Glenfarclas. It could be a bit more refined on the palate, but this is nitpicking. Very good and very rewarding

Score: 92 /100

Sample provided by Thorsten Jung (


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