Strathmore 1972 (Rest & Be Thankful)

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Strathmore 1972 (Rest & Be Thankful)

Today’s Strathmore 1972 from Rest & Be Thankful is a bit of a curiosity. Distilled in 1972, the first bottling took place in 2004. But somehow, the bottles got forgotten in a storage room afterwards and were not found again until 2015. Since some bottles got different fill levels (and different ABV) during the long storage, the remaining whisky was poured together and then bottled again. And that’s why a whisky, distilled in 1972 and bottled in 2015, is only 32 years old!


Strathmore 1972 (Rest & Be Thankful)

Strathmore 1972 (Rest & Be Thankful)










Name:  Strathmore 1972
Bottler:  Rest & Be Thankful
Vintage:  1972
Bottled:  06.03.2015
Age:  32 Years Old
Category:  Single Grain Whisky
Cask Type: American Oak
Distillery: North of Scotland
No. of Bottles:  621
Strength:  47.2% vol.
Colored: No
Chill Filtered: No


Lots of woody flavors. Wood glue, pine resin, fir cone, dusty oak and hints of charred beech. The woody flavors stay dominant, but with some time the aroma opens up a bit and vanilla, toffee, bitter citrus fruits and raspberries come to light.


Smooth and almost silky. A nice mixture between sweetish red fruits and bitter citrus fruits (thinking of grapefruits and blood oranges). Followed by nougat, pepper and chocolate oatmeal. Some more wood glue, but more in the background.


Long and smooth with orange toffee and pine resin.


An enjoyable single grain but the rather woody character might not be for everyone.

Score: 88 / 100


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