Nikka Blended Whisky

Worldwide Wednesday Episode 20

So to kick off my two month-long Nikka tasting series, I decided to review the Nikka Blended Whisky.

This blended whisky is available exclusively in Europe and is

A selection of slightly peated malts and Coffey still grain whiskies from Nikka’s stocks; this well-balanced whisky has a smooth taste of the casual whisky enthusiast.

Truth be told, I am not sure if the Nikka Blended Whisky is also affected by the recent ‘Nikka Shock’.


Nikka Blended Whisky








Name: Nikka Blended Whisky
Age: NAS
Category: Blended Whisky
Distillery: Nikka
Strength: 40.0% vol.
Colored: Yes
Chill Filtered: Yes


Fruity. Lots of apples, pears, peaches and nectarines combined with hints of strawberries and blackberries. Underlying tones of vanilla, coconuts and heather honey. Malted barley. Also a floral touch of grass and roses. There is no sign of peat though.


Oily, creamy and reasonable strong given the low strength. Pear-almonds cake. Gets dryer and spicier towards the end. Again no signs of peat.


Medium with a dry sweetness. Hints of oak. Fruits and floral honey. Dark chocolate.


Soft and smooth, although I am a bit disappointed that I couldn’t find any peat. But overall a well-made blend and not only for ‘the casual whisky enthusiast’ in my opinion.

Score: 83 / 100


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