Miyagikyo 10 Years Old

Worldwide Wednesday Episode 25

About two and a half months ago, Nikka announced that their single malt range will radically change (the so-called ‘Nikka Shock’) which means no more age statements and the introduction of two new NAS expressions with a slightly different profile compared to the old ones.

So today, I want to say goodbye to the old Nikka singe malt range by reviewing a total of six expression:

  1. Yoichi NAS
  2. Yoichi 10 Years Old
  3. Yoichi 15 Years Old
  4. Miyagikyo NAS
  5. Miyagikyo 10 Years Old
  6. Miyagikyo 12 Years Old

Miyagikyo was founded in 1969 on the island of Honshu (the biggest of the four Japanese main islands), built in a valley landscape. The whole production process in the distillery (also called ‘The Innovator’) is managed by computers. The eight pot stills and two coffey stills (added in 1998) are heated by steam. The house style is subscribed as “round and generous, yet gentle and delicate”.

The Miyagikyo 10 Years Old is characterized by “a lively, floral nose harmonizing the light scent of malt and a creamy, silky palate”, thus making it “not unlike single malts of Speyside”.


Miyagikyo 10 Years Old

Miyagikyo 10 Years Old









Name: Miyagikyo 10 Years Old
Age: 10 Years Old
Category: Single Malt
Distillery: Miyagikyo (Nikka)
Strength: 45.0% vol
Colored: Yes
Chill Filtered: Yes


Ah yes, the influence of bourbon barrels isn’t deniable. A lot of oranges, accompanied by lemons, vanilla and caramel. Malted barely. Hints of light smoke and soap in the back. Maybe also some sherry but I am not complete sure.


Smooth and soft with a light tingling on the tongue. Lots of vanilla. Milk chocolate, cinnamon and coconut. Cooked vegetables. Balanced by a light touch of peppery oak and peat.


Medium. Bitter and spicy. Nuts.


Yeah… not exactly a disappointment I would say, but I am also not “wowed” to be honest. Not bad, but doesn’t really stand out either. Especially the finish is a bit weak in my opinion.

Score: 83 / 100


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