Aultmore Distillery (Source:, Attribution: Andrew Wood)

Aultmore Distillery (Source:, Attribution: Andrew Wood)




Region: Speyside (Scotland)
Founded: 1896
Status: Active
Owner: John Dewar & Sons (Barcadi)

1896: Alexander Edward, who also inherit Benrinnes from his father in same year and co-founded Craigellachie in 1891, founds Aultmore. Productions starts a year later. Aultmore {olt-MORE} is Gaelic for ‘the big burn’ and refers to the water source of the distillery, the Auchinderran burn.

1898: Edwards founds Oban and the Oban & Aultmore Glenlivet Distilleries Limited takes over the management of Aultmore. The distillery is expanded and production is doubled.

1899: The “Pattison Crash” forces Aultmore to close.

1904: Aultmore is reopened.

1914: Barley shortages, caused by World War I, forces the distillery to close again. Aultmore reopens shortly after the war.

1923: The distillery is sold to John Dewar & Sons for £ 20,000.

1925: Dewar’s in turn is taken over by Distillers Company Limited (DCL).

1930: DCL delegates the administration of Aultmore to Scottish Malt Distilleries (SMD).

1943: Another barley shortage, this time due to World War II, forces the distillery to close yet again. Aultmore is reopened after the war again.

1968: The Malting floors are closed.

1971: The entire distillery is rebuilt and expanded, including the installment of two more stills, bringing the total to four.

1991: A 12 Years Old Aultmore as part of the Flora & Fauna series is released.

1998: In an effort to diversify its business, the rum giant Bacardi buys John Dewar & Sons from Diageo for £1,15 million. Five malt distilleries and Bombay Sapphire Gin are included in the takeover price.

2004: A 12 Years Old Aultmore as the new official bottling is released.


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