Teerenpeli 8 Years Old

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This is as far as I know the current standard bottling of Teerenpeli, the biggest whisky producer in Finland. I really like the fact that they give this bottling an age statement despite its rather young age. I find this kind of honesty refreshing at a time when most distilleries give their young whisky rather a fancy name than an actual age statement.


Teerenpeli 8 Year Old

Teerenpeli 8 Years Old









Name: Teerenpeli 8 Years Old
Age: 8 Years Old
Category: Single Malt
Distillery: Teerenpeli
Strength: 43.0% Vol
Colored: No
Chillfiltered: No


A very dominant citrus note and lots of malt in the foreground. Behind this a more subtle note of vanilla pudding strewn with rasped coconut. With the time a more fruitier aroma develops with apples and pears. And I cannot help myself but is there some smoke in the very distant background?


Rather sweet and soft with butterscotch, nougat and vanilla almond milk latte. But there is also a spicy touch to it which a light pepper note.


Surprising long for this age. The sweetness is balanced by a slight dryness and some bitterness. Again a very distant smokey touch.


Young but not immature! A bit simplistic overall but very promising indeed. I expect great things from the distillery in the future.

Score: 85 / 100


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