Region: Taiwan
Founded: 2005
Status: Active
Owner: King Car Group

2005: T. T. Lee, founder and president of the food cooperation King Car Group, establishes the KAVALAN distillery. The name is a direct reference to the traditional name of his native region, which in turn was named after the indigenous people of Taiwan who settled there (Kavalan means “flatland people”). The modern-day Yilan Country is in the northeastern of Taiwan.

2006: The distillery starts up production. The chemist Ian Chang is appointed as Mater Blender and is supported by the well-known British chemist and whisky consultant Dr. Jim Stewart.

2008: The first bottling is released.

While the amount of alcohol lost caused by evaporation (the so-called Angel’s Share) is approximately 2% p.a. in Scotland and Ireland, this lost is no less than 15% p.a. in Taiwan due to the subtropical climate.


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